Our Services

Our Services

Dealer Subscription Services

Our dealer subscription services allow dealers to market their inventory and services through our websites, extending the reach of their physical showrooms to potentially millions of internet users in China. Through our dealer application interface, dealers can create their online showrooms hosted on our websites and upload their automobile inventories, pricing and promotional information. Potential automobile purchasers can interact with our dealer subscribers online or through toll free numbers provided by us to inquire for more detailed information and schedule test drives. Our dealer subscribers can track all the interactions with their customers originating from our websites, analyze the number of sales leads and assess the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

We continue to develop our dealer subscription services, which we believe will allow us to reach additional dealers by enabling us to offer basic and advanced subscriptions at different price levels.

We also offer some basic functions of our dealer subscription services to automobile dealers for free, which allows more dealers to appreciate the benefits of our subscription services, and helps us convert them into paying subscribers.


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