Our Services

Media services

Our advertisers under media services are comprised primarily of automakers and automobile brands’regional offices. As millions of consumers visit our platform for automotive information, we have become an increasingly important medium for automakers and automobile brands' regional offices to conduct their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Automakers typically utilize our advertising services for brand promotion, new model releases and sales promotions. Our large and growing automobile purchase- and ownership-oriented user base provides a broad reach for automakers' marketing messages. Our advanced technologies, which allow us to segment our user base in a number of different dimensions, including by users' geographical location and specific automotive interests, enable us to place advertisements with targeted audiences.

Leveraging our large user base and extensive forum posting data, we provide automakers with more reliable and timely business insights than traditional customer surveys or other post-sales feedback channels. For instance, we analyze user posts in our forums to evaluate consumer response. In addition, we organize various types of offline national or local events for our automaker customers through our online marketing campaigns and user forum activities to complement our advertising and dealer subscription services.

Leads generation services

Our dealer subscription services allow dealers to market their inventory and services through our websites, extending the reach of their physical showrooms to potentially millions of internet users in China. Through our dealer application interface, dealers can create their online showrooms hosted on our websites and upload their automobile inventories, pricing and promotional information. Potential automobile purchasers can interact with our dealer subscribers online or through phone numbers presented on the platform to inquire for more detailed information and schedule test drives. Our dealer subscribers can track all the interactions with their customers originating from our websites and mobile applications, analyze the number of sales leads and assess the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

We continue to develop our dealer subscription services and have begun to implement additional enriched and upgraded services, which we believe will allow us to expand sales leads based on consumer behaviors and preferences and enhance leads conversion and personalized marketing, and further to offer upgraded subscription packages at different price levels.

We also offer some basic functions of our dealer subscription services to automobile dealers for free, which allows more dealers to appreciate the benefits of our subscription services, and helps us convert them into paying subscribers.

Online marketplace and others

For new vehicle transactions, we provide platform-based services and transaction-oriented marketing solutions to automakers through Autohome Mall, a full-service online transaction platform for users to review automotive-related information, purchase coupons offered by automakers for discounts and make purchases to complete the transaction.

For used vehicle transactions, our investment in TTP Car Inc. (or TTP), a company operating an online bidding platform for used automobiles helps us develop the used car C2B2C model and form a transaction system. We facilitate the vehicle transactions through providing a wide range of auto-related services, such as leads generation, user profile generation, offering of auto financing products and valuation tools. We provide comprehensive auto-related services to our users by integrating TTP’s offline vehicle examination, ownership transfer services and other ancillary services with our online-based services.

We provide comprehensive online-based financial services for the complete consumer automobile ownership life cycle. Based on users’ preferences and our big data analysis, we recommend a broad range of loans and insurance products offered by our cooperative financial institutions to our users that have auto financing needs and match them to facilitate transactions as an insurance brokerage service provider with the relevant license from the CBIRC. We also introduced merchant loans offered by our cooperative financial institutions to automobile sellers. Through our platform, we enable our users and automobile sellers who are in need of auto financing to easily access various high-quality loans and insurance products and allow our cooperative financial partners to effectively increase the volume of their financing transactions.

We offer data analytical tools and sales and marketing solutions to our automaker and dealer customers based on our big data capability and integrates the technologies of AR, VR, big data and voice recognition to achieve diversified functions. Our data products consist of automaker data products such as Intelligent R&D, Intelligent New Car Launch, Intelligent Marketing, and Intelligent Activities and end-to-end SaaS-based services to dealers, such as Intelligent Showroom, Smart DCC (direct call center), Smart Call Out, Smart Assistant, Smart Sales, and Smart Aftersales. Our SaaS capabilities, coupled with our core ABC technologies, have enabled us to expand along the auto value chain.


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